March 8, 2023

2 Questions I Always Get Asked About IG

If you know me, then you know I love all things social media marketing! 

I’m passionate about helping others utilize the power of social media to help grow their business. 

& over that last few years of teaching and sharing content online there are 2 questions that I never stop getting asked. 

  1. What are the best practices for IG?
  2. How do I get more engagement?

Today I’m going to be answering these questions for you!

I’ll be sharing 4 of my best practices & 4 tips to increase your engagement.

So let’s get into it!

Best Practices

Post Regularly

I can’t say this enough- “Consistency is KEY.” In order to post regularly  you need to create a plan that is achievable for you. Set goals that make sense for your schedule, batch content and follow through! If you want to learn more about why consistency is so important you can read more here. & if you interested in some great tips about batching content click here: 5 Tips to Batch Content with Ease!

Stay Engaged!

Take time to connect with your audience consistently. Here are 3 easy ways to engage more with your audience. 1) Like & comment on your followers’ posts, this can help increase your visibility on the platform. 2) Respond to comments, make sure you are building connections with your audience; this will help to build trust & community with your audience. 3) Follow other content creators in your niche, when you follow other users, their posts will appear in your feed, which can increase the chances of them seeing your content. 

Create Valuable Content

When it comes to cultivating that ‘Know, Like, Trust’ factor with your audience it is important to create high- quality content. It doesn’t have to be the perfect post, but the goal should always be to bring value! If you need some ideas for new content click here: 10 Content Ideas with Real Impact. 

Use IG features

The algorithm loves when you use IG’s newest features. Utilize features like hashtags, tagging, engagement stickers, Reels & even IG ads. All of these features can help to improve your visibility. Want to learn about other IG features? Click here! 

Create Niche Content

We already mentioned the importance of posting consistently & creating high quality content, but it’s also critical that your content is created for a specific audience. Knowing your niche helps you to speak directly to your ideal client. If you want to learn more about discovering your niche, read 4 Tips to Discovering your Niche.

Write Strong Copy

There are 3 important elements to each caption you write. I call it the “Caption Formula.’ It includes a hook, body & call to action. Use this formula for every caption you write. The hook should be an attention grabbing statement, check out these 16 Hooks You can Use Today! The body is going to deliver that value- educate your audience. & the Call to Action invites your audience to engage with you, here are 15 examples! If you want to learn more about this formula click here to read ‘How to Write Eye- Catching Caption’

Post Video Content!

When it comes to content on IG video content is king! While Reels are a great way to increase your reach and gain new followers. Stories is the place where you can nurture and engage your audience. If you want to learn more about how to increase engagement with Stories check out this blog post: Your IG Story Checklist for Success.


Collaborating with other content creators, especially those within your niche, can help you reach a new audience & increase engagement. When you collaborate with someone within your niche the content is more likely to resonate with their audience, which will increase the chances of them engaging with you!

2 questions about Instagram I always get asked


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