August 24, 2022

5 Tips to Batch Content with Ease

I recently came across this quote on Pinterest, 

“Consistency is more important than perfection.” 

I don’t know about you but I needed that reminder. Sometimes it’s hard to show up consistently on IG. Sometimes it’s important to take a break from the constant feed of social media time to time. 

This is why batch creating content for Instagram is a priority for me.

It allows me to continue to serve my followers even when life gets crazy, when the unexpected happens or when I have just been stretched too thin. 

If batching content is a new concept for you or you’re curious about getting a behind the scenes look into my personal content creation process then keep reading. 

As you know Reels are an essential part of growing on IG in 2022. But they also take a bit more time and energy than some other content.

So instead of filming one Reel at a time, I create a bunch of them all at once. I block out a chunk of time, make sure I don’t have any distractions & I get to work—recording, editing, writing captions & getting all my Instagram Reels for the month ready to post.   

Here’s why I batch all my content instead of posting as I go:

✅   It’s a BIG Time Saver. Think about how much more you get done when you sit down & really focus on one task at a time. We’re so much more productive when we block out a chunk of time to get something done & the same is true when it comes to creating IG content. When you batch your content you can get an entire month’s worth of posts done in just a few hours—and I’ll share my most effective tips below!

✅   I can be STRATEGIC in delivering value. If you want your audience to be super engaged & excited about your business enough to actually buy from you, then you need to be creating content with service in mind. You have to add value for the people who are following you & batching content helps you do that. You are planning out the posts you’re going to create in advance, so you can have a strategy & a plan to add value for the people in your audience. 

✅   It helps me stay CONSISTENT. You’ll never have to scramble to figure out what to post or run out of content ideas when you are batching everything ahead of time. It is the key to posting consistently because you are sticking to a schedule & a strategy that makes it possible to post even if you’re not able to log onto Instagram that day.

To help YOU start batch-creating your Instagram content, I wanna share some tips to keep in mind. Consider these 5 things when you are batch-creating for your Instagram:

#1 Have Multiple Outfits On Hand

If you don’t want it to look like you batched your Reels, change your outfit a few times while you’re filming. Choose some outfits ahead of time so you aren’t trying to put together your looks when you’ve blocked out time for filming. Or, consider just swapping out your shirt—it’s easy & quick & gives the illusion that you’re creating your Reels on different days, even though you’re not! 

#2 Create A Brain Dump

In order to make sure you have plenty of content ideas for when you go to create, choose a place to add your ideas. This could be the notes app in your phone, a google doc, or even just a notepad. Anytime you have an idea, jot it down. Then, on filming day, you can easily find all your ideas in one place & start planning out your posts for the month. Last week I talked about the benefits of using Trello, for me this is my favorite organizational tool when it comes to content creation & the perfect place to create your brain dump!

#3 Save Your Inspiration

When you’re scrolling Instagram or TikTok & you come across a trend you absolutely have to recreate for your audience, make sure you save it! Then, you can go back & look at all the inspiration posts when you sit down to create your content for the month & you have them all there in your ‘Saves’ folder. 

#4 Give Yourself Grace

Remember, social media is still about being social & having fun—and your content creation should be too! Try not to take yourself too seriously when you’re filming Reels. And remember, they don’t have to be perfect! Your audience is not going to mind if your lip-syncing is just a tiny bit off or if your transition doesn’t quite match up with the music. They’re going to be focused on you and the value you’re adding with your content—so they’re going to enjoy your Reels a lot more if you’re having fun yourself! 

#5 Let Your Creativity Flow

First things first, grab your favorite drink! You know I have my matcha close by. When you batch your content & really focus on creating Reels, your creativity will flow so much more naturally vs trying to do one Reel at a time. Let yourself get into that creative head space by blocking off time & removing distractions. Maybe even set your phone on ‘Do Not Disturb’ I promise you will notice a difference in your content! 

Reminder: Batch creating doesn’t mean you can only create during these blocked out times. Sometimes inspiration just hits! If you have the time to create in those moments, DO IT!  The goal of batching isn’t to limit you- its to provide you with the ability to stay consistent when life gets busy. 

If you struggle to come up with ideas for Reels then I have exactly what you need! 

I created an entire content creation system for you to make it super simple to make an entire month’s worth of Reels in less than an hour. I find all the latest trending audio for you to use, give you step-by-step instructions to recreate Reels for your own audience & even write all the captions, too. Click here to learn more about The Reel Social. 

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