October 12, 2022

How to Write Eye-Catching Captions

Has this ever happened to you? 

📝 You spend time curating the perfect caption, post it, and then….

**Crickets 🦗**

Nothing… no comments, only a few likes, definitely no DMs…

If you’re showing up on Instagram and your audience is just not engaging with your content, they’re not liking, they’re not commenting & they’re not interacting with you or your business, friend I am here to help.

I’ve been there! But, when you use the formula I’m sharing with you today for all your posts, I promise you will start seeing some amazing engagement, just like I have!🚀

So many business owners have written to me & said things like, “Sarah, your templates for captions have literally changed my Instagram. I’m getting more engagement, I’m getting more likes. I’m getting to actually have conversations with people!” 

🔑 So, what’s my secret to success? 

🛑 I write eye-catching captions that get my audience to stop scrolling & read them all the way through, that’s what. And I’m about to make it SO easy for you to write captions that will grab everyone’s attention, too. 

Do these 3 things every time you write a caption for seriously engaging content that will help you grow on IG, reach so many more people, and get your audience excited about engaging with you. Here’s what you need to do: 

Step 1: Start With a Hook

🪝 A hook is the first few words in your caption & it’s designed to grab everyone’s attention.

The people who follow you on IG, they’re scrolling through hundreds, if not thousands of posts a day. They are NOT going to stop to check out your content unless you grab their attention. Start every caption with a hook to get people to start noticing your content. 

Your hook doesn’t need to be wordy, but it does need to be bold! 🚨

Step 2: Add Value With The Body

📚 The body of your caption is where you add value for your audience. You used your hook to get people to pay attention & this is where you back up your claim with a message your audience will want to read. 

When I write the body of my captions, I try to create content that educates, inspires, or entertains my audience because this is the type of content that is most valuable. 

 ✨ Education Content Anytime you can teach your audience something, you’re getting them to trust you and recognize that you can add so much value to their business, which will make them want to engage with you.

 ✨ Inspirational Content Let people get to know you by inspiring them with your content. This type of content makes you relatable so that your audience feels like they really know you and want to interact with you. 

 ✨ Entertaining Content When you entertain people, it gets them to like you! When people like you, they’re so much more likely to comment, like, share, and eventually, buy from you. 

Step 3: Have A Call To Action

📣 A Call to Action is where you ask people to do whatever you want them to do so that they engage with you. This could be as simple as adding ‘like,’ ‘comment,’ or ‘subscribe’ to the end of your post. But, the options are endless!

When you have a Call to Action, you’re telling people how you want them to interact with you. The truth is, people like to be told what to do otherwise they might forget to like or they might not think about visiting your website. Having a clear Call to Action makes it easy for them to engage with your post. 

When you’re ready to start writing captions, keep in mind that you can completely customize your messaging using this formula. Follow the three steps, but write some captions that are short and to the point, and others that are longer and contain tons of valuable content. Here are 6 caption prompts to help you get started: 

I can’t wait to see how you use this 3-step formula to help you write eye-catching captions. Tag @soulfoxsocial on IG the next time you upload a post & use this formula so I can see how you made it fit your voice and your business! 

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