October 26, 2022

Your IG Story Checklist for Success

Let’s talk 🤳STORIES!

👉 This week, I want to make it super simple for you to get better results from your Stories.

I have talked a lot about using your Stories to generate leads, start conversations with people who are interested in your business in your Stories & use your Stories to close more sales

But…today, I want to give you some resources to help make sure your Stories are getting viewed. 👀

I’m sharing the Ultimate Guide To Selling In Your Stories to remind you why Stories are an essential part of your Instagram strategy, a checklist of best practices that will help you get more eyes on your Stories, and some gorgeous Canva templates you can use to help you make your Stories stand out & get you results.


It can be easy to spend all your time creating Reels or Carousels for Instagram, but I want you to remember that Stories are such an important part of your Instagram strategy, too. They allow you to build genuine connections with the people in your audience because they are so much more unfiltered than the rest of your IG content.

When you show your face in your Stories, you get to talk directly to your followers and it helps build the “KNOW, LIKE, TRUST” factor with all of the people who are showing up to check out your Stories. This is essential if you are using Instagram to generate sales for your business & it’s why you need to be using Stories if you want to see the most growth.


When you consistently post carousels and Reels, it helps you boost engagement and reach new people. But…when it comes to actually monetizing your audience and using Instagram to grow your business, Stories are key

They allow you to generate leads—without constantly creating new content. Plus, they let you qualify leads and get people who are interested in your products or services to DM you looking for more information— so you don’t spend forever having dead-end conversations with people who are never going to buy from you. Stories are the #1 type of content you need to be creating if you want to see the most growth in your business because it’s in your Stories that you are constantly generating new leads. 


Before you post a series of lead-generating Stories, there are some things that you can do to make sure that you end up with tons of DM’s from people who want to buy your products or services from you.

✅ Here’s Your Story Posting Checklist ✅

#1 Show Your Face Before You Post To Your Stories

Get on Instagram & in your Stories to show up for your audience. When you foster that personal connection and talk directly to your followers, they are going to be so much more interested in everything else you post after that. 

Before sharing a series of lead-generating Stories, hop on to say hello! Let people know what you’re up to for the day or what you have going on in your life. This will help you get the best results from all of the Stories you post after this.

#2 Share Your ‘Origin’ Story

Tell your followers how you got started in your business and what exactly it was that drew you to serve the people in your niche. When you share your experiences and your personal struggles, you are letting everyone in your audience know exactly how you are able to help them. You are giving them ideas about how your products or services can solve the things they struggle with.

When you position your business in a way that lets people know you are there to solve problems—not just to sell to them or to talk about the benefits or attributes of your products & services—it’s so powerful! People are so much more likely to answer your poll, send you a DM, and ultimately buy from you, if they see exactly what solutions are possible thanks to your products or services. And sharing your own story is an incredible way to do this! 

#3 Customize These Templates

Use the templates linked below to talk to your followers. You can customize them to work for you & use them to start conversations. Your Stories are there to serve you and your business—and you want them to work hard for you! Using these templates will help you make sure you are not posting Stories that won’t get results, but that will have people hitting reply & starting conversations with you, instead. 

I created these templates to be fill-in-the-blank with information about you, your niche, and your business. All you have to do is click the link below to access them & then edit them in Canva. When you’re ready to post, simply download them & share to your Stories! 

Click Here For Your Story Templates

Friend, I can’t wait for you to use these tips & these templates to take your Stories to the next level. Be sure to follow me and tag me @soulfoxsocial on Instagram to let me know how you customized these Story templates for your audience. 

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