February 23, 2022

5 New Instagram Features You Need To Know About

In this week’s blog, we’re talking all about new Instagram features so you know exactly what is trending on the app & you can take advantage of all the new features when you are creating content.

There have been SO many big things going on at Instagram this year. I can’t believe how many new features & updates have been rolled out in 2021…

…which is why I wanted to recap some of the most exciting IG news for you now that it’s 2022.

I know it can take a ton of time to keep track of all the updates coming from Instagram, so I am here to do that for you! This list doesn’t include EVERY new feature or change on the app in the last year, but it DOES include what I think are the most exciting updates that you need to know about.

#1 Instagram “Subscriptions” 

Finaaaaalllllllly Instagram is giving everyone a way to make $$$ directly on the app. I am telling you—if there’s one update you need to know about, it’s THIS one! And I can’t wait to tell you why.

So far, Instagram Subscriptions are only available to a select few creators. But, friend, I am including this on my list of updates you NEED to know about because it is a complete game changer and I want to make sure you are ready when this rolls out to everyone! 

IG announced “Subscriptions” which give creators the ability to offer paid subscriptions to their followers. This means dollars in your pocket every single month!! It will be tough to wait patiently for this to get rolled out to everybody, but in the meantime, this is what you should keep in mind…

Say goodbye to funneling your followers off the app: Instead, you can offer your paid services right on Instagram. It takes a step out of the sales process and makes selling SO much easier for you. 

Say hello to consistent income: When you offer a subscription service, you can count on sales incoming every single month. It will give you so much more confidence & freedom in your business that you don’t have when you are relying solely on product sales or launches. 

Here’s how you can use this new feature: I want to share some ideas to help you take advantage of this update. Here are 3 ways you can use “Text-to-Speech”…

1: Weekly Coaching Calls: Offer your followers a coaching session where you educate them and answer any questions they might have about your products or services.

2: Member-Exclusive Information: Include an option for your audience to opt-in to get access to exclusive information. This might be an extended version of something you’re posting about or it might be something that is totally unique & created just for subscribers.

3: Exclusive Community: If you offer a product or service, give your customers even more value by inviting them to join an exclusive community. You’re not only giving them access to YOU & your business, but also to a space where they can connect with other people who are in the same shoes. 

#2 “Add Reminder” Feature

Instagram recently rolled out the option to “Add Reminder” to your posts. Whenever you go to upload a piece of content on Instagram, you can select this tool and then enter in a start date & an end date.

It might not sound all that impressive, but when you consider HOW this can completely transform your conversions & sales on the app, you’ll definitely want to start using this ASAP. Here’s why you need to “Add Reminder” on your posts & a few ideas to help you get started… 

Say goodbye to lost leads: When you use this feature, you KNOW you’re following up with all the people who are interested in buying or booking because Instagram does it for you. You don’t have to worry about keeping track of Leads in your DM’s or in the comments of an old post. 

Say hello to crazy conversion rates: “Add Reminder” has the potential to completely transform the way you’re using IG for your business & will lead to so many more conversions! 

Here’s how you can use this new feature: I want to share some ideas to help you take advantage of this update. Here are 3 ways you can use “Add Reminder”…

1: Run A Promotion Or Sale: Use this to let people know how long your promo period runs for & when your sale is ending so they don’t miss out.

2: Host A Live Or An Event: Use this to tell people you’re hosting a LIVE & will be showing your face at a certain time. Or, let them know they should mark their calendars because you’re holding an event.

3: Post a Multi-Part Series: Break up a list of tips or an educational how-to post into multiple installments. This way, you can “Add Reminder” and let your followers know when they can expect the next part of your series to go live.

#3 Introducing “Collaborations”

What if I told you that one of Instagram’s new changes would allow you to double, triple, or quadruple your audience on Instagram?

You’d definitely want to know how, right?!

Well, friend, when Instagram introduced “Collaborations” they made this possible to majorly broaden your audience. You now have the ability to invite other people on Instagram to “collaborate” with you on a post—so it’s visible for both of your audiences. But, the coolest part is…you can collaborate with up to 20 people. Meaning in one single Reel or Carousel, you have the potential to reach 19 other people’s unique followers. Pretty incredible, right?!

Say goodbye to simply “tagging” creators: Instead, you can feature them as a collaborator & vice versa. This is so much more visible for the people who are engaging with the post & opens up the potential reach in a huge way. You have the chance to get noticed & seen by completely different followers which is HUGE for your business.

Say hello to serious authority: When you collaborate with other people who are seen as experts in their niche, it gives you instant credibility. Using this feature lets your audience know that you are someone they can trust & an expert they want to buy from.

Here’s how you can use this new feature: I want to share some ideas to help you take advantage of this update. Here are 3 ways you can use “Collaborations”…

1: Promote a Product or Service: Partner with other people in your industry & cross-promote each other’s products. This is an incredible way to get your promos in front of completely new people without running expensive ads that might not convert, anyway.

2: Partner With A Brand: “Collaborations” are perfect for partnering with brands because they allow you to be transparent with your audience & let them know you are doing a paid post in a way that allows them to easily access your post & the brand’s account.

3: “Collaborate” With A Follower: Invite your followers to connect with you by collaborating with some of them! They’ll feel so special & like they are really part of an incredible community & you get visibility to their followers, too. It’s like having someone share your posts, but better.

#4 Add a “Link Sticker”

Now, this is an update I know SO many people were waiting for! Instagram announced that the LINK sticker was available for everyone…not just accounts that have more than 10,000 followers. This is major because it opens the door for smaller creators on the app to take advantage of adding links to their Stories. I want to share a couple of tips with you to help YOU use this feature and to give you some inspiration on how you can incorporate link stickers into your Instagram strategy…

Say goodbye to telling people the link is in your bio: Because anyone can now include a link sticker in their Story! But, that doesn’t mean you should use these stickers on every post! Be selective about how you use the new feature and don’t spam your followers with too many Stories that include a “Link Sticker.”

Say hello to funneling your followers: Anyone now has the opportunity to share a link in their Story that can funnel followers exactly where you want them to go. Maybe it’s a link to your newsletter signup…or a link to your latest post…or maybe it’s a link to a product you’re promoting. Whatever the case is, you can send your followers exactly where you’ll be able to convert them the best!

Here’s how you can use this new feature: I want to share some ideas to help you take advantage of this update. Here are 3 ways you can use the “Link Sticker”…

1: Share About Your Business & Link To Your Website: You can let people know what you do & how you can help them, and then direct them to learn even more.

2: Offer A Special Discount Or Bonus & Include A Link To A Landing Page: Share an exclusive promotion with your followers & then direct them to access the deal with a link in your Story.

3: Let People Know About News & Link To Your Blog Post: Tell people that you’ve posted something new & then share a link to your webpage or blog post in your Story.

#5 NEW “Text-to-Speech” Feature

This one is incredible! Instagram recently launched a Text To Speech feature that automatically reads any text you’ve added to your Reels OUT LOUD! If you’re not as excited about this update as I am, let me tell you why it’s going to come in SO handy & how I’m planning to use this…

Say goodbye to time-consuming voiceovers: If you’ve ever recorded Reels with voiceovers, then you know it’s twice the work. You have to film & edit your Reel…annnnd then you also have to do the same with your voiceover audio. Well friend, say goodbye to doing all of this thanks to the Text-to-Speech feature. Now, Instagram does the voiceover for you. 

Say hello to accessibility: In addition to being a major time-saver, this feature is also incredible because it instantly makes any Reel more accessible for your audience. They add another element to every Reel—audio—that makes them digestible for your people in one more way! 

Here’s how you can use this new feature: I want to share some ideas to help you take advantage of this update. Here are 3 ways you can use “Text-to-Speech”…

1: Read A Written Tutorial: Share a tutorial with your audience & have the “Text-to-Speech” feature read out each step for you.

2: Give Your Thoughts A Voice: Share an opinion or an observation that you know your audience can relate to & let this new feature speak for you.

3: Start Your Own Trend: Have you come across audio for Reel that includes “Text-to-Speech?” I definitely have! And when you include this in your Reels, you’re starting a trend that other people can then remake for their feed.

Worried you’re going to miss out on future updates & new Instagram features or about how to add any new features to your IG strategy?? I got you! Over on my Instagram page, I make sure you’re the FIRST to know about news from Instagram & give you tips & ideas just like the ones I listed here for all of Instagram’s newest tools. Make sure you are following me so you don’t miss a post! Click here to follow me on Instagram.

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