March 30, 2022

3 Apps Every Business on Instagram Needs

This week, I want to share some apps with you that will make creating content a whole lot easier for you if you have a business on Instagram. 

These 3 apps are ones that I use every single day & that make it possible for me to batch create my posts & keep everything organized.

Here are some of the tools that every business owner on Instagram needs to know about:

#1 Canva

If there is one app on this list that I think you need the most, it just might be Canva! Friend, it’s a no-brainer when it comes to creating graphics for any area of your business. I use Canva to create email graphics, Instagram carousels, training decks, and everything in between. And it’s free!

But, if you do choose to subscribe & pay each month for added features, you’re able to resize graphics so you can seamlessly use them in multiple places & schedule posts to your social media accounts right from the Cavna app. Canva is an amazing tool for anyone who’s not a graphic designer but still wants gorgeous graphics for their business!

Canva is also a game-changer when it comes to creating content for your Instagram. It’s the simplest & best way I have found to make cover graphics for Carousels & Reels and to make Stories that help you connect with your followers. Plus, you can use Canva to batch create all your IG graphics for the month in one sitting & save yourself so much time. 

#2 InShot 

Let’s talk about what I use to edit my Reels! I do a lot of editing right in the Instagram app, but I absolutely love using InShot, too. It makes filming seamless transitions so simple & has made it possible for me to take advantage of editing trends that take my Reels to the next level. If you don’t have a lot of video editing experience, this is the perfect app for you because it’s straightforward & easy to use. I highly recommend you try InShot to help you make Reels—because they are such an important part of your Instagram strategy!

#3 Trello

Have you tried Trello, yet? If you’re a part of the Soul Social then you know just how much I use Trello in my business. I also created a Trello template for all the Insiders to keep Leads organized because Trello is the ultimate organization tool.

As a small business owner, you’re juggling so many projects at once & it can be easy to get distracted or to forget things — especially the little details! The way I stay organized is by using Trello to plan my projects and all of my Instagram content. It is so helpful when it comes to getting focused & prioritizing my tasks because I can easily see every single thing I need to be working on. Trello is definitely is a must-have app if you’re a small business owner & you want help getting organized.

What apps are go-to’s for you when you’re planning and creating your Instagram content? Head over to Instagram @soulfoxliving & send me a DM to let me know. And, if you want to learn more about how Trello can help you keep your business organized, check out The Soul Social.  Along with your monthly membership, you also get access to the exact Trello board I use for my business & an in-depth training on how to make the most of the app for business. Click here to learn more about The Soul Social.

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