March 22, 2022

Level UP Your Instagram Content With These Five Tips

Wondering how to make better Instagram content?

How to post photos & create Reels that’ll really connect with your audience?

This week, I wanna share some tips with you to help you level up your Instagram content. Whether you’re taking photos to post, snapping pics for a Carousel cover or you’re filming video to use in your Reels, I’m here to help! 

Here are 5 things you should be doing to shoot higher-quality photos & video for Instagram:

#1 Take Advantage Of Trends

For Photos: Check Out What Other People In Your Niche Are Doing

When you want to take photos for your Instagram, do a little ‘research.’ It can be so helpful to look at what other people are doing and then remake some of the ideas with your own spin. See what types of backgrounds, angles, poses, and other things the people in your niche are including in their photos to find inspiration for your own pics. You never want to copy anybody, but it is so valuable to look at other trendsetters & see what they are posting.

For Videos: Stay On Top Of Popular Sounds & Transitions

If you want to create better Reels for your audience, then you need to be taking full advantage of the latest trending songs & transitions in your video. Take some time to scroll Instagram & save audio that is marked with that little ‘trending’ symbol & use them to make your own Reels. Pay attention to the transitions that other people are using, too, because using the latest content is going to help you create video that is so much more valuable for your followers.

#2 Keep Things Concise

For Photos: Only Post The Best Pics

There is no need to add multiple angles of the same thing or a series of photos that are just super similar. Instead, if you want to create posts that will actually interest the people in your audience, then you only want to post the best photo. 

#2 For Videos: Keep Them Short & To The Point

When you’re creating a Reel for your people, keep it short & simple. Get straight to the point, use quick transitions & make it really enjoyable for your followers to watch. Video content is so popular because it’s easy to consume—but that’s only true if you keep your videos concise.

#3 Use Bright Lighting 

For Photos & Videos: Natural, Bright Lighting Is Best

If you want your photos & your videos to stand out on Instagram, then you need to be using the right lighting! The difference between a quality photo or Reel & a low-quality one?


Natural lighting is best. Grab your camera & set up in front of a big window somewhere in your space that’s well-lit. If you’re not paying attention to your lighting, you won’t attract as many people to your posts & you won’t get great engagement either. High-quality content performs better on Instagram & lighting is essential! 

#4 Show off Your Personality

For Photos: Show Your Face

If you want to improve the photos you’re posting on Instagram, get in front of the camera! Your audience wants to connect with you & they can only do that if you are showing up & showing your face in your photos. Post selfies, or have someone snap pics of you doing the things you enjoy. Your followers want to feel like they know you, so keep that in mind when you are taking photos to post.

For Videos: Entertain Your Audience

In order to make your videos better on Instagram, you need to be showing off your personality, too! Entertain your audience by showcasing your take on a popular trend or acting a little silly & lip-syncing or dancing if you feel comfortable doing so. Whatever content you want to film, show yourself on camera, because that’s what your audience wants.

#5 Make Things Easy!

For Photos: Use Photo Presets

If you want gorgeous photos—every…single…time—us presets. They’re such a great way to make not-so-great photos look feed-worthy without re-shooting.

Don’t have a preset you love?

I got you! 

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For Videos: Join The Reel Social

Want to know the easiest way to create incredible Reels videos & save a ton of time? Join The Reel Social

I created a monthly subscription service that’s designed to help you level up your Instagram videos & gives you step-by-step instructions on how to recreate the latest Reel trends for your own audience. 
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