January 5, 2022

How to Create Value for Your Instagram Audience

I want to talk to you about something super important today—and that is adding value for your Instagram audience. 

If you are wanting to grow on Instagram & you are hoping to use the app for your business, it’s not enough to show up every day with the intention to get new followers. Keeping an eye on your stats is important, sure, but it’s not a good enough reason if you want long-term results.

You need to know your ‘why.’ 

And I know it can seem a little daunting to try to figure out what exactly it is that has you wanting to post consistently and to share content with your followers. But friend, finding your ‘why’ is KEY & if there’s one thing I want you to remember today, it’s that.

→     Maybe you want to show up for your audience to help your audience see the benefits of a certain lifestyle that you follow.

→     Maybe it’s so that you can share about how incredible a product would be for your people.

→     Or, you might show up on Instagram to teach your followers something that will make their lives easier.

Whatever your reason is, it’s important to keep your ‘why’ in mind every time you are creating content! 

This will make it so much easier to create content that is adding value for your Instagram community. But, I know how difficult it can be to try to come up with content ideas—let alone ideas that will truly serve your followers. So, I’m sharing some ideas today that will help you make sure your posts are so, so valuable for your followers. 

Keep reading for my tips: 

#1 Create Educational Content 

Anytime you can teach your audience something, you’re getting them to trust you and recognize that you can add so much value to their business, which will make them see you as someone they want to follow. Teaching your followers something new is so valuable for them & for you, it’s a great way to get creative about what you share and what you choose to teach.

Here are some educational ideas you can use the next time you are creating content:

01. Teach them from your mistakes

02. Show a unique point of view

03. Teach them something they can immediately apply

04. Educate through other peoples knowledge 

05. Answer your audience’s questions

#2 Create Inspirational Content 

Add value for your Instagram audience by inspiring them with your content. Inspirational posts help make you relatable so that your audience feels like they really know you and are super interested in what you have to share. You can show before & afters, you can show incredible transformations and you can show them what is possible when they follow you because you share such valuable content in your feed. 

Here are some inspirational ideas you can use the next time you are creating content:

01. Inspirational Quotes

02. A hardship you overcame

03. Show Before & After

04. Show a Transformation

05. Where you started & Where you are headed

#3 Create Entertaining Content 

When you entertain people, it is valuable, too. Try to create content that delivers information in a super enjoyable and entertaining way or that uses humor people in your niche can relate to. This will make your audience want to follow you for more and look at you as someone they definitely appreciate on Instagram. And, I want you to remember this—entertaining your audience does not mean that you NEED to lip-sync or dance. There are lots of ways you can be entertaining that do not involve either of those things! 

Here are some entertaining ideas you can use the next time you are creating content:

01. Know your audience

02. Follow Trends

03. Showcase your personality

04. Share things that are relatable 

05. Share Reels that make you laugh

Friend, I am so excited for you to give these ideas a try to help you add value for your followers & to help you make sure that all of your content is serving your audience. Follow me on Instagram for more Instagram tips, tricks & strategies. Click here to follow me. And check back next week for another post packed with content that adds value for YOU!


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