January 12, 2022

5 Ways To Boost Your Reels Views in 2022

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This week’s blog is all about boosting your Reels views. I am sharing the strategies I use to get more people to watch my Reels & can’t wait for you to see how much more successful YOUR Reels are when you apply these tips to your own content.

Has this👇 ever happened to you?! 

→    You spend forever finding the BEST audio to use for your Reel…

→    You film & refilm a bunch of times until you have just the right video clips…

→    You make sure to edit them so they match up to your audio PERFECTLY…

→    You post…

→    And then…you only get a handful of views…🤦‍♀️

If you are struggling to reach new people & to get your audience to actually watch the Reels you are posting, I am here for you! I know how frustrating it can feel to put so much time & effort into your content and then not get the results you want. 

That’s exactly why I am sharing some strategies you can use to seriously boost your Reels views this year.

Follow these five 🖐 tips to kick off 2022 with more views! 

#1 Use A Strong Hook 

If you want views on your Reels, you need to grab your audience’s attention get them to STOP scrolling. 

How do you do that? 

By including a strong HOOK at the beginning of every…single…Reel.

Be bold. Tell them what they are going to learn, what they’ll take away from your Reel, why they NEED to watch it all the way through. 

Here are some hook ideas you can use to get started:


→    Top 3 Ways To_________

→    LISTEN!

→    Do not sleep on _____

→    Stop scrolling…

→    You NEED this for your business

→    The secret is out!

→    Want the latest update on ____?

→    Here is the truth!

→    Are you struggling to ____?

#2 Always Share Reels to Your Feed

If you want more views on your Reels, make sure you are sharing them to your feed. This will help you make sure they are seen by as many people as possible. Plus, it’s super easy to do! Just make sure you have this feature turned on before you hit ‘post’ when you’re uploading a Reel. Then, your Reel will automatically get added to your feed as well.

#3 Share Reels To Your Story After Posting

You should be sharing your Reels to your Feed anytime you post, but you should also be sharing them to your Stories if you want to get the MOST views every time you post. This is a great way to let all of your followers know that you are posting something new and they should go check it out. PLUS, the Reels in your Story count toward your overall Reel views!

Use a GIF & text to make your Story eye-catching and get your followers excited to check out your new Reel! 

#4 Use Trending Audio & Transitions

When you use trending audio, you have the potential to reach SO many more people & to get TONS of views! Anyone who searches for that sound has the potential to find your Reel and it’s more likely to get recommended to people outside of your community of followers, too! If you want more views, make sure you are using popular songs & audio that’s trending.

Plus, take advantage of transition trends, dances, and anything else that you’re seeing other people do in their Reels. This will help you create entertaining content that captivates your audience & boosts your views.

#5 Engage Before & After Posting

If you want LOTS of views in 2022, you need to remember what Instagram is all about—and that is staying social. It’s an app designed to connect people & you will see an increase in your views if you start being intentional about engaging with your audience.

Before you post, spend some time on the app, replying to any outstanding DM’s or comments you haven’t responded to. 

And, after you post?

Stick around! Don’t post & ghost.

You should take time to talk to the people who are viewing your Reel & chat with them in the comments about any questions they have. And if you want to encourage people to comment so that you can engage with them, include a call to action at the end of your Reel. Here are some ideas you can use to get people to engage with you after you post your Reel:

→    Meet me in the comments

→    Need Help? Send me a DM with an emoji!

→    Who needed to hear this today? 

→    Want to learn more? Comment below 

→    Like this post if you have ever ____

→    Comment below if you have ever ____

→    Drop your comments below

→    Save this post for later!

→    Tag a friend

→    Let me know below

If you want more tips like this & strategy you can use to help you grow your Instagram this year, make sure you are following me on Instagram. I share content designed to help YOU use the app for your business & stay up-to-date on the latest IG news, too. Follow me here.


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