November 16, 2022

Unlock 5 Ways to Turn Viewers into Followers

I wanna jump right in & give you some tips that will help you get new followers. 

When you’re creating Reels for Instagram, it can take some serious time to find the perfect audio, film every little clip & then edit everything so it all syncs up. 

The last thing you want is to spend forever creating a Reel to share with your audience…

…post it

…get plenty of views

…but NO ONE that actually goes to your feed & follows you.

Views are incredible, they let you know that you’re creating content that people enjoy watching.

But, they don’t really translate into growth or revenue for your business.

You need to be able to convert all those people viewing your videos into followers who you can talk to on a regular basis.

Wondering how?

That’s what I am here to help with!  

Here are 5 ways you can use Reels to get new followers—not just passive viewers.


Reels are so much more engaging when you show your face & get in front of the camera instead of just posting graphics or a collage of photos. 

People on Instagram want to feel a genuine connection and it’s easier to build that with your viewers if you are showing up & showing your face on camera. You’ll get people to keep coming back & to actually follow you if you are showing your face consistently in your Reels.


Another super simple—but effective—strategy that will help you get more followers from your Reels is to include a ‘Call to Action.’ 

At the end of every single Reel and every single caption, make sure you are telling people to follow you.

Let them know what kind of content they can expect to see from you & how you are there to serve them, because this will let them know what they get out of following you. 

People need to be reminded that they should follow you & they like to be told what to do next, so it’s key to include this ‘Call to Action’ in all of your Reels.


You’re showing up in your business to solve problems for your audience, but your audience won’t know this unless you let them know!

Tell your future followers what you are there to help them with. And let them know exactly how much easier their life is going to be if they follow you!

When you lead with a problem & position yourself as an expert who is there with a solution, you are adding so much value for the people in your community. They are going to want to follow you when they see just how much your content can help them.

Don’t focus on talking about your products or services all the time. Instead, you want your content to be adding value every single time you post. This is how you’ll get the most followers from your Reels. 


Think about it. 

Your Instagram bio is kinda like a billboard. And that means it has a very important job to do…

…it should instantly let people know what you’re all about & what to expect when they hit ‘follow.’ 

Your bio needs to do these things:

✔︎ Let people know WHO you serve. This should include anyone who is in your niche & that will benefit from your products or services.

✔︎ Let people know how you SOLVE PROBLEMS. You’re providing a ton of value & your audience needs to know about it. Include this in your bio to convert more viewers into followers. 

✔︎ Let people know that you are an EXPERT. Add in some social proof and tell people why they should be following YOU for advice, support, tips, and education about the niche you serve.

If you want more info about how to update your bio to get more people following you, check out this blog post. At the end, I share my top Do’s and Don’ts for updating your bio to get more followers. 


Want to know the easiest way to stand out on Instagram?

To let your audience know how you’re unique?

To set yourself apart from anyone else on the app?


Show off your personality. 

There is no one else like YOU & your audience is there because you’re unique. When you get in front of the camera & let people see the real ‘you,’ you’re inviting them into your world & they’re gonna be more likely to ‘follow.’ 

I can’t wait for you to try these five tips before you post your next Reel. Make sure you are following me on Instagram, because I share growth hacks, Instagram strategy & so many resources all about helping you grow your business on IG. Click here to follow me. 

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