November 23, 2022

Busting 3 Myths About IG Growth

If you’re using Instagram to grow your business, I’m guessing you’re doing everything you can to get more followers, better engagement & more growth every time you post on the app—right?!

Growth is super important if you’re trying to generate leads and use Instagram to close sales, but there are some things I want to make sure you understand about ‘growth’ on Instagram.

Here are 3 things you need to know about Instagram growth & they’ll be especially helpful if…

👉    You’re frustrated with the algorithm and feel like it’s working against you

👉    You’re stuck & not seeing the numbers you’re wanting for your account

👉    You’re having a hard time figuring out what to post or keeping consistent


There are lots of factors that affect your Instagram growth, so it’s important to recognize that growth is not easy & it won’t always be linear.

Sure, it would be incredible if you could see massive amounts of new followers month after month…but that’s just not a reality for the majority of people using Instagram for their businesses. 

It takes time to consistently create content & to see the needle move on IG, which is a luxury so many small business owners don’t have a lot of. 

As a mom to three, I know exactly how tough it can be to juggle everything annnnnnd find the time to post to your Stories, create Reels & respond to all your DM’s every day! 

Be patient with yourself & recognize that Instagram is NOT the only thing you have going on in your life, so you’re not going to see the massive growth that some other accounts might be seeing. And friend, that is okay!


Going ‘viral’ seems to be the biggest priority for just about everyone on the app. You want as many views, likes shares, and comments as possible…but friend, ‘going viral’ isn’t always going to benefit your business.

When you ‘go viral,’ your content gets seen by a broader audience, but chances are, the majority of those people aren’t going to be interested in your business. 

And they’re definitely not going to end up buying from you.

They’ll probably watch your video, maybe give you a follow, but then never interact with your Instagram again—which isn’t going to benefit your business at all.

Instead, you wanna focus on long-term growth and building a connection with your ideal clients or customers.

One new follower, who is in your niche & who you can serve with your content, is so much more valuable than 100 or even 1,000 new followers who are not going to stick around.


Followers aren’t everything! 

Instead of worrying about every follower you gain or lose on Instagram, there are so many more valuable stats to keep track of. 

Here are some other things to consider, besides just follower growth:


Having more followers does not always mean more engagement. If you’re going to focus on some of your stats on Instagram, engagement is more valuable to your business than follower count.

When your audience is engaging with your content, you know that it’s serving them & that they are looking at you as an authority in your niche. This means that you’ll be able to generate leads on Instagram and close more sales, which is exactly how Instagram can help you in your business.

New Leads Generated

Instead of looking at your follower count, pay attention to the number of leads you are generating.


Because more leads = more potential sales.

The number of leads you’re generating is so much more important than the number of followers you have because you can convert your leads into actual, real sales in your business! 

Sales Revenue

If you’re spending tons of time on Instagram trying to grow your audience, make sure it’s paying off! 

You’ll know it’s paying off if you see an increase in revenue and you’re closing more sales. If you’re not getting these results, then you need to take a look at your current Instagram strategy & consider shifting some of your time & focus to things that are helping to increase your revenue. 

This might mean you spend less money on Instagram paid advertising and you try branching out to other social media platforms instead, or that you decide to start building an email list.

I hope you keep these things in mind when you are trying to grow on Instagram. Try not to compare your journey to someone elses’ because growth does not look the same for everyone on Instagram.

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