May 25, 2022

3 Tips to Turn Followers Into Buyers

One of the things I get asked about the MOST often is this:

👉  How do you monetize your audience?

It’s something that I know a lot of people in our community here struggle with, which is why I am sharing this week’s newsletter with you.

I want to give you some action steps you can take…

⭐️️ To turn your followers into a loyal group of buyers
⭐️️️ To get people to go from passively scrolling through your feed to purchasing from you
⭐️️️ To have people commenting on your posts annnnd DM’ing you about your products
⭐️️️ To get people interested in more than just your IG content, but also in your business

This week, I’m sharing the strategy that helped me 4x my organic revenue…….and that I know can help you achieve all the goals you have for your business, too. This method does not require you to spend a ton of money on ads. Or to spend even more time on Instagram.NOPE!I’m gonna show you exactly how to make more $$$ on Instagram without giving up your free time. 

So, here’s what you have to do in order to monetize your Instagram following:

This might seem obvious, but friend, it’s essential! 

If you want more of your followers to buy your product or service, you need to be talking about it consistently.

It’s not enough to mention your product once when you first launch and then never mention it again on your Instagram.

You have to be talking to your people about the things you are selling on a regular basis.

Want to know why?

Because people don’t usually buy something the first time they hear about it.

It takes a few times, some research, and careful consideration before someone pulls the trigger and actually purchases something.

If you only talk about your product once, you’re missing out on all of those sales! 

But, if you keep talking to your followers about the things you are selling, they are so much more likely to buy from you.

🔥  HERE’S HOW TO TAKE ACTION: 🔥 Make talking about your product a priority on Instagram. Choose a time—that might be once a month, once a week, or once a day, depending on the size of your audience—and create content that has to do with your product. Consistently schedule posts that speak to the benefits, and how it can solve problems for your followers & make sure you include a strong Call to Action urging them to purchase.

Community is so important! 

You want to be posting content that will help you build a genuine connection with every one of your followers. This means that you are posting Carousels, Reels, and posts that truly serve the people in your niche.

Noooot just posting content that you think will perform well or that you think will get you the most new followers.

It’s not about how big your following is—it’s about how connected your community is! 

A super solid crew of 100 followers is so much more powerful for your business than 1,000 or even 10,000 followers who are not interested in your products.

So…how do you create a solid community on Instagram?

It’s all about the content you’re posting! 

Make sure that you are adding value with every single Story, Reel, or Carousel you upload because that’s what will foster genuine community. 

Here are 3 types of content that add value for your followers:

EDUCATIONAL CONTENT—This includes anything you can teach your audience about that will help them
INSPIRATIONAL CONTENT—This includes anything that will inspire your followers to be better versions of themselves & to see what’s possible for them when they use your products or services.
ENTERTAINING CONTENT—This includes anything that makes your audience laugh & adds a little entertainment to their day! 

🔥  HERE’S HOW TO TAKE ACTION:🔥 Add value with every post you create for Instagram. Before you go live with the content, ask yourself whether or not your post is: educational, inspirational, or entertaining. If it is, then you know you’re serving your people. If it’s not, then add some value before you upload!

If you want to monetize your audience on IG & boost your revenue, then LEADS are key.

You should always be talking to potential customers & have new leads that you’re communicating with every…single…day…

But, that doesn’t mean you need to be glued to your phone—on Instagram 24/7 messaging people “hey, girl, let me tell you about…”

Instead, follow a lead generating system that does all the selling for you.

The key is to lead with problems & solutions—instead of talking directly about your products or services. 

Don’t focus on the details or a description of your business. Don’t go in & start talking about what’s included when someone buys from you.

Instead, you want to offer your products or services as a solution to something that your audience is struggling with. 

Post a series of lead generating graphics in your Stories where you ask questions or include a poll. Include things that your audience might be experiencing & let them know that you are there to talk to them about a solution! This is a powerful way to connect with leads who are interested in learning more about how you can serve them.

Plus, it will save you so much time—so you’re not talking to people who will end up ghosting you! 

🔥  HERE’S HOW TO TAKE ACTION: 🔥  Create some lead generating graphics & post a series of them in your Stories each week. Then, make sure you are nurturing & following up with every single one of those leads until they are ready to make a purchase.
These are the three things that completely changed the game for my business & helped me 4x my revenue. And friend, when you start implementing each of these tips into your IG strategy, I promise you will be blown away by the results that are possible for your business, too.

Make sure you’re following me on Instagram because I share a ton of IG strategy & small business tips each week. And, check your inbox next Wednesday, because I’ll be sharing another newsletter that’s packed with value and designed to help you grow your business using Instagram.

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