June 8, 2022

How To Add Value For Your Followers

✍️ It’s the beginning of another month, and if you’re anything like me, that means you’re planning out your Instagram content for the next few weeks. 

🤳 I batch all my posts in advance & have shared tons of info about my process (click here to read a blog post all about it), but today, I wanna give some more tips to help you with your content this month.

🔥 I’m sharing all the strategies that have helped me create IG content that is delivering so much value to YOU—my audience—every single time I post.🔥

Serving the people in your niche is the #1 reason to show up on Instagram—and in your business—so you need to make sure that all of the content you’re posting is actually adding value for those people.

Think about it…

👉    If you’re only focused on growing your follower count, you’re missing out on the chance to build genuine connections with the people who are already following you

👉    If you’re just trying to post what you think is trending, chances are, you’re followers aren’t 

👉    And if you aren’t posting content that adds value, no one is going to have a reason to follow you

So….how exactly do you make sure all of your content is super valuable to your audience?

I got you!  

Here are 10 things that will help you deliver & serve your audience so much value this month:

Before you can truly serve your audience, you have to know who it is that you are targeting. Narrowing down your niche to a specific group of people is key! When you do this, you can talk directly to the people you know you can add value for, without trying to have a conversation with ‘everyone.’ 

I know a lot of business owners struggle with this because it’s not always easy to figure out what you want your niche to be. But, I want to give you a couple of questions to ask yourself to help make the process super easy:

✨    What can you talk about for hours? ✨    What problem does your product or service solve? 

Think about the answer to these questions to help you nail down YOUR niche!

Don’t make your followers scroll through a ton of unnecessary information! Make all of your Instagram posts more meaningful to the people in your niche by keeping things concise.

Get straight to your tips & strategies, share your Story without unnecessary details and make sure you are delivering as much education as you can every time you upload. This is how you’re gonna be able to add value for your audience.

Take time to regularly scroll through your stats because this is where you’ll be able to see which topics your audience is finding valuable and which posts they’re not all that excited about. Reviewing your analytics is an important part of content creation because it lets you know exactly what type of content to create if you want to continue to serve your audience.

Your followers are there because of YOU. They want to feel like they really know you and that they are genuinely a part of your community. An easy way to help build that connection is to get in your comment section & actually talk to people

Respond to comments, answer questions and just talk to your followers. 

This goes a long way in strengthening your community, but it also adds so much value when you are educating people in your comments.

It can seem a little daunting to keep your DM’s open, but friend, it will pay off! When you’re replying to all of the people who message you, you’re letting them know that you are there to help them solve problems. You are adding so much value when you can help them with something they’ve been struggling with and they are going to become a loyal member of your community and a future customer when you take the time to have those conversations in your DM’s.

Anytime you teach your audience something that will benefit them, you are adding so much value to their lives. Plus, they will look at you as an expert and authority who they can come back to for even more education in the future. 

There are so many things you can teach your audience, so get creative! Share a past mistake you don’t want your followers to have to make. Teach them some strategies or a series of tips that will save them some time. Or, share some of the most valuable lessons you have learned along the way. 

This is how you truly add value & it’s something you should keep in mind whenever you are creating Instagram content.

The people who are following you are here because they want to be inspired—they want to see exactly what’s possible with your products or services in their lives. 

Help them see what’s possible by posting content that inspires them. This could be a  before & after transformation, a story about how you got where you are, or anything else that you know will be inspirational to the people in your niche.

People on Instagram want to be entertained. A huge part of adding value is to make sure that your posts are fun & engaging for your audience. That does NOT mean that you need to be lip-syncing or dancing all the time. But, you should be thinking about what YOUR audience finds entertaining & posting content that will keep all of your followers coming back for more!

You show up in your business because you know that your product or service is genuinely going to benefit the people in your niche…but they won’t know this unless you talk to them about it

Make sure you are letting everyone know that you are there to solve problems for them & you’re there to help. When you position your content in this way, you’re so much more likely to build a real connection with your community versus when you just try to talk about the features or benefits of your business.

You want your audience to keep coming back to you for advice & guidance, so position yourself as an expert in your niche. The more education & value you can bring for your followers, the more they will see that you are someone they want mentoring them & the more they will value your feed.
I am so excited for you to give these ideas a try to help you add value for your followers & to help you make sure that all of your content is serving your audience. Follow me on Instagram for more Instagram tips, tricks & strategies. Click here to follow me. And check back next week for another newsletter packed with content that adds value for YOU!
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