June 15, 2022

15 Hooks To Get You More Views On Instagram

When you’re creating Instagram content, what’s the most important thing to keep in mind?

👉 Making sure you have gorgeous graphics?

👉 Posting at a specific time of day?

👉 Adding in all the right hashtags?

There is SO much information out there about how to make sure your IG content will perform the best that it can— but it can be tough to try to remember it all! Not to mention, some of these ‘tips’ floating around out there aren’t all that valuable to your content, anyhow. And that’s exactly why I am here for you! 

🤳 I wanna share my Instagram strategies, tips & best practices—that are easy to follow and that will actually get you results. 

And, this week, I wanna talk to you about HOOKS! 🎣

You already know that you need to be creating content that adds value for your audience (and if you don’t, go check out last week’s email). You need to be truly serving the people that are following you—but you’re not going to be able to do that if nobody ever sees your posts! 

📣And that’s why you need a HOOK in every single post. 📣

You have to grab your followers’ attention & give people who aren’t typically in your audience a reason to stop scrolling and check out the content you posted.

📲 Including a hook in your Instagram post and in your caption is a lot like adding a headline. It tells people exactly why your content is valuable, why they need to stop to check out your post & how you are going to help them. 

👀A solid hook will grab their attention & get them to watch your Reel and engage with your posts! It’s key to growth on Instagram and will ensure that your content gets seen by as many people as possible.

But…what should your hook say?

If you’re wondering exactly what to include to grab people’s attention, I got you. I am sharing some of my favorite hooks with you! 👏👏👏

All you have to do is fill in the blanks to fit with your content & include one of these hooks in your Reels, posts & captions.  And, remember, emojis are your friend! Add in any and all that you want to make these hooks even more eye-catching!

1: You are going to want to hear this…
2: Stop your scroll!
3: Don’t be fooled by…
4: How I got _____ in 24 hours.
5: 5 things you can do to improve…
6: (X) reasons why you should____…
7: How you can…
8: This is why your ____ isn’t working.
9: Alert! You need to know this…
10: Why nobody is talking about…
11: The #1 reason you aren’t…
12: 5 secrets aout_____you haven’t heard.
13: _______tip you didn’t know.
14: Did you know…
15: 3 tips that make ____much easier.

Friend, hooks are such an important part of your Instagram content & you need to be including them to grab everyone’s attention. They’re especially important for your Reels because nobody is going to want to stop to watch your videos if they don’t know what they’re about to see. When you add a hook, you’re giving them a reason to watch & you’ll be able to reach so many more people with the incredible content you’re putting out there.
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