February 22, 2023

5 Reels Features You Need to be Using

If you have been around here for a bit you know that Reels is a key component of growing on IG 

  • Reels is an outlet for you to highlight your business & expertise. It’s the best place to let your creativity & personality shine!
  • Reels give you the potential to reach a larger audience, especially if one goes viral. This is key to cultivating brand awareness. 
  • Reels provide an opportunity for higher engagement which can lead to deep connection to your audience.
  • & they can be so fun! 

But if you are new to creating Reels for your business it can feel overwhelming. So I’m here to help you break down the essential features when it comes to creating Reels on IG. 

Let’s chat about the most important features that you don’t want to skip out on! 

5 Reels' Features

#1 Trending Audio

G Reels allows you to add music & other audio to your videos, which can make the videos more engaging & entertaining. You should try to take advantage of trending Reels as early as you can. You will see this indicated by a small arrow pointing upward & to the right, next to the title of the audio. If you come across audios that you like while you’re scrolling make sure you save them,so you can come back & use them later. 

#2 Creative Elements

Reels has a variety of editing tools that you can use to create more interesting & engaging Reels. These include stickers, text, & other creative elements that can help you to add more visual interest to your videos. Text is arguably the most important feature you want to take advantage of. You ALWAYS want to type out a strong hook- this will help capture the attention of the viewer quickly. Studies vary, but most show that close to 50% of users will scroll with the sound off, which means your text is vitally important to slow their scroll! 

#3 Effects & Filters

Reels also offers a range of effects & filters that you can apply to your videos. These effects & filters can help you to create a more polished & professional-looking video, and can add a unique & artistic touch to your content. However, remember to stay true to your brand & aesthetic, it’s important to stick to one or two filters that enhance the look to better match your vibe! Don’t let them distract from the value you are bringing. 

#4 Sharing & Discovery

IG  allows you to share your videos with your followers, & also offers a “Discover” tab where you can find & watch videos from other users. This feature makes it easy for you to share your videos with a wider audience, and can help to increase the reach and visibility of your content. I always recommend posting a new Reel into your stories as well.

#5 Engagement

The algorithm loves engagement. Always remember to include a call to action and encourage your audience to interact with each Reel, by commenting, liking, DMing, saving or sharing. These features can help to create a sense of community & increase your reach. Make sure you are utilizing all the engagement features IG offers. 

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