January 18, 2023

5 Secrets To Better Engagement

Do you ever feel like you have hit a wall when it comes to engagement!?

Your engagement & reach are down…..

& you just can’t seem to turn things around?

Well first of all- you are not alone!

Navigating the ups & downs of social media can feel daunting, but I’m here to help with fresh ideas & tips to keep you motivated & moving forward!

There are so many fun ways for you to engage with your audience on IG. Remember your goal is to build trust & community on your account. So if you’re feeling stuck on how to improve your engagement here are 5 tips you can try this week!

I know this one sounds obvious, but one of the best ways to engage with your audience is simply by responding to their comments. The key is making sure that you respond in a timely & authentic manner. By taking the time to respond to your audience, you can show them that you value their feedback and are interested in what they have to say. Cultivate conversations by asking questions in return, try to be personal and specific with each follower. This can help to build relationships and create a sense of trust & loyalty with your audience. 

Another effective way to engage with your audience on IG is to share user-generated content that features your product or service. Ask your customers or clients to share their experience on social media & have them tag you. By showcasing your customers and their experiences with your brand, you can create a sense of community and authority around your product or service. Social proof & credibility is essential for a thriving business. Not only will sharing this type of content help increase your engagement, it will also lead to more sales. 

Running a contest or giveaway is a great way to create excitement around your business. There are so many fun and creative ways that you can give your audience an opportunity to experience your product or service through a contest or giveaway, while at the same time increasing your engagement. By offering an incentive, you can encourage your followers to interact with your content. Ask them to comment, like, tag a friend,or share the post in order to enter the contest. This can help you increase your reach and get your content in front of a new audience. 

Another effective way to engage with your audience on IG is asking for their input. Utilizing engagement stickers is a fun and easy way to do this. But make sure you are open to feedback and, when able, willing to implement changes. You can ask your audience for opinions on new products or services, or ask for suggestions for future launches or promotions. By asking your audience to provide feedback you are inviting them into the decision making process, this can cultivate a sense of involvement and ownership, which will lead to stronger connections and trust with your clients. & it will also give you some surprisingly GREAT ideas!

It is so important to know your niche and to follow & engage with other content creators in your niche. Collaboration is sooo much better than competition! Collaborating on IG gives you an opportunity to get your content in front of someone else’s audience and vice versa. By partnering with other content creators in your niche you are able to tap into their followers who likely have similar interests. This can also help to create a sense of credibility & trust, as users are more likely to trust the recommendations of people they already follow and trust!

I can’t wait for you to try out these tips for improving your engagement. Tag me @soulfoxlsocial to let me know how much your engagement improved after you tried these 5 things.

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