September 14, 2022

6 Ways to More Story Views

Did you know that IG Stories are one of the most watched features on IG?!

This means that getting seen can be difficult. It can be tough to remember all the little details–all the things that will make the Instagram algorithm happy & all the things that your audience wants to see when you’re planning & creating content. To make life a little simpler I have created the Ultimate IG Stories Checklist just for YOU! 

#1 Add Stickers

Use a poll, quiz or questions to your first story. This encourages engagement which triggers the algorithm that your audience wants to see your stories. The more engagement you get the more IG will show it to other people & then the more views you will get! Have fun with these & get creative. And most importantly engage, engage, engage!

Pro-tip: Save your most interactive stories to you highlights!

#2 Push People From Reels to Stories

While we know that Reels provide the benefit of reach, we want to make sure we are inviting our new audience to engage with us in other ways. You can do this by offering more exclusive content in your stories. Create curiosity in your Call to Action by letting them know they can see more in your stories. Use those Reel views to your advantage.

#3 Space Out Posting

Try posting every couple of hours. This allows more people to see your stories because you aren’t just dumping it all at one. This gives a great chance of people seeing your stories. 

Pro tip: Before sharing a series of lead-generating Stories, hop on to say hello! Let people know what you’re up to for the day or what you have going on in your life. This will help you get the best results from all of the Stories you post after this.

#4 Vary Content

Talk to the camera, write things out, and vary angles and locations! Don’t let your posts get stagnant, change things up will naturally keep people engaged & interested in your content. When you show your face in your Stories, you get to talk directly to your followers and it helps build the “KNOW, LIKE, TRUST” factor with all of the people who are showing up to check out your Stories.

Pro-tip: You can vary content and still create content that is on-brand, make sure you are staying true to your vibe.

#5 Take 24 Hours Off

This is a great hack! Take time off & then post WITH an engagement sticker! IG wants you to create content so when you take time off and then get back on the app it is going to favor your efforts by pushing your stories out to more people. I would recommend that you don’t use this strategy more than once a week to increase views. 

#6 Post at the End of the Day 

Most people don’t take the time to post at the end of the day, so you will have an advantage when you do. Because less people post stories at the end of the day there is a better chance it will push out your content.  


When you consistently post carousels and Reels, it helps you boost engagement and reach new people. But…when it comes to actually monetizing your audience and using Instagram to grow your business, Stories are key

They allow you to generate leads—without constantly creating new content. Plus, they let you qualify leads and get people who are interested in your products or services to DM you looking for more information— so you don’t spend forever having dead-end conversations with people who are never going to buy from you. Stories are the #1 type of content you need to be creating if you want to see the most growth in your business because it’s in your Stories that you are constantly generating new leads. 
Friend, I am so excited for you to utilize this Stories Checklist! For more content ideas, Instagram strategy & small business advice, make sure you are following me on Instagram. Follow me here.

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