July 13, 2022

What To Do After You Hit ‘Post’ On Instagram

I wanna know if you have ever done this…

And NO JUDGMENT, because I definitely have 🙇‍♀️🤦‍♀️

👉 You just spent forrrrrever filming your Reel
👉 You wanted to get all the clips perfect
👉 And your editing is just right
👉 You’re using a trending sound 
👉 And you cannot wait for it to go live
👉 But, you already spent all this time on IG creating the Reel
👉 So you post & then you log off
👉 You are a business owner with other priorities & you can’t spend all day on the app
👉 But…when you log back in a few hours later, you are not seeing results
👉 Your Reel isn’t getting many views
👉 Your engagement is way down
👉 And there are only a handful of comments

Sound familiar?!

Well, friend, I wanna talk about this exact situation—something I have definitely done before & learned my lesson from: POSTING & GHOSTING.

If you want to get the best results on Instagram—and make sure that the Reel you just spent your valuable time filming, editing & sharing with your audience is going to get views—then you need to stop falling into this pattern! Instead, I want you to follow this checklist every single time you’re on Instagram and you’re going live with a new post.  

Keep reading for the five things you should be doing after you hit ‘post’.


Spend 30 minutes engaging with your followers after you go live with your latest Reel, Carousel, or post. This is such an important part of your Instagram strategy, and I promise you will notice a major boost in your engagement if you prioritize this! Pin the comments that are most relevant to the content of your post, so other people can see the conversations you’re having, too. You want to get as many people to engage with your post in the first 30 minutes as possible, and replying to all of the comments as they come in is going to help you do this. That signals to the Instagram algorithm that you posted something super valuable & IG is much more likely to push your content out to a broader audience when this is the case.


Anytime you post, you want to tell everyone about it! Your Stories are the perfect place to do this. Make sure that you share any post to your Stories to let people know that they should head to your feed to check out your new content.  And, use your Stories to expand on the content you are sharing. Give your followers additional tips, answer questions that you have gotten about the topic in the past, and encourage people to reply to your Stories to continue the conversation. This will make any post you go live with so much more valuable for the people in your audience—you’re giving them a ton of additional information that they weren’t even expecting.


After you’ve chatted with your followers in your DM’s and in the comment section of your post, get off of Instagram! You do not need to be on the app 24/7 to get the views, engagement & conversions you are hoping for. Let the Instagram algorithm take over at this point, because friend, when you are posting content that adds value for the people in your niche IG will recognize this! Later on in the day, hop back onto Instagram & start replying to the comments that have come in since you were last online. Answer all the questions people have & if you’re noticing a lot of people asking the same thing, you can head over to your Stories to explain things for everyone. Take some of those FAQ’s and give people a quick answer in your Story!


This is something that I see too many Instagram creators ignore, but it is such an important part of your overall Instagram strategy! You need to be focused on more than how many followers you have or how many views you got. You also need to see what your reach was like and be monitoring your engagement, because it’s all of these things that will give you a good idea about whether or not your post performed well or was a flop. Then, you can take those stats and let them inform your future content. Make sure to avoid similar topics or formats that didn’t do so hot. And, recreate your best-performing posts because they’re clearly resonating with your audience.  Try not to look at your stats too far in advance, because they won’t give you a clear idea of your post’s performance right after you upload. Instead, hop on 3-5 days after posting to see what the insights can tell you about how your audience is resounding to your upload.


You put a ton of time, effort, and work into creating content for Instagram, right? Well, your content should work hard for you, too. A great way to make the most of every single piece of content you create is to start repurposing!If you have a post that performed well on Instagram, chances are it’s also going to connect with your ideal customers on other apps, as well. And, when you share something on IG, you’re not going to show up in the feed of all of your flowers. In fact, you’re not going to show in the feed of most of your followers. This means… that you should be reposting & repurposing your content if you want to reach as many people as possible!  Take your highest performing IG posts & turn them into TikTok videos. Use a Carousel to write your weekly email newsletter. Share your IG post as a Tweet. Or, upload your Reel as an Idea Pin on Pinterest. There are so many ways that you can repurpose content that will allow you to reach a whole new audience on a whole new platform, without creating anything new!
I want you to follow this 5-step checklist after you post on Instagram & let me know how much your Instagram improves! This is a strategy that has helped me grow to an incredible following of 100K+ strong & I know that it will help you start getting the views, comments, engagement, and results in your business you’ve been dreaming about.

If you want even more Instagram strategy, small business tips, and content ideas, make sure you are following me @soulfoxsocial on Instagram. I share content that is designed to help women use IG for their business & to help you actually monetize your audience.
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