July 6, 2022

Five Things Every Instagram Strategy Needs

The summer is always such a busy time for me and my family—especially with the kiddos at home from school. I am constantly trying to balance it all—and make my time spent creating Instagram content as efficient as possible! If you’ve been a subscriber for a while, then you know that I love to batch all of my Instagram content because it helps me create a ton of value-packed posts in a short amount of time. But, there are some things that I always keep in mind when I am creating my monthly content & I wanted to share them with you. Keep reading for the top five things every Instagram strategy needs.


I can’t say this enough: YOU NEED A NICHE!

If you want to grow on Instagram and you want the app to help you generate leads for your business and help you close actual sales, you are not going to see incredible results until you narrow down your niche. 

I know it can seem daunting to try to figure out what your niche should be and what to include in your content pillars, but it doesn’t have to be complicated! Take a minute to think about the things you are most passionate about and let that guide you to find your niche. Really dig deep to figure out your ‘why’ and what is driving you to get up every day and serve people with your business. 

Consider some of the things that get you fired up and that you could talk about for 20+ minutes straight without looking at any notes or losing steam. Think about the people who you know you can reach and some of the struggles you are confident you could help solve. This is how you narrow down a niche.

If you want even more support when it comes to narrowing down your niche, I have an entire training dedicated to this inside The Reel Social. Click here for more information.


Once you have figured out your niche, it’s important to let people know about it—and that’s where your Bio comes in. Think about your Instagram Bio a little bit like a billboard. It’s what you use to grab the attention of the people in your niche & let them know you are posting content that is going to be so valuable that they haaaaave to follow you or they’ll be seriously missing out.  Your bio should clearly state who you help and how you serve them. In order to figure out what to include, ask yourself this question: “why would someone want to follow me?”
Make sure that YOU are clearly visible in your profile photo, because people want to feel like they’re connecting with a real person, not a business or a brand! And, don’t try to sell anything in this space. You want people to follow you & to recognize you as an authority in your niche—but no one is going to want to follow you or buy from you if you’re using your bio to talk about your products or services.


Buuuuuut, you have to back up your bio by actually adding value for your followers—not just telling them that you are going to serve them. Your content should all be designed to add value and to solve problems for the people in your niche. You want to figure out 3-5 content pillars—or topics—that are the most valuable for your audience & use that to plan your posts.  I like to plan my posts so that I am sharing a combination of EDUCATIONAL, INSPIRATIONAL, and ENTERTAINING content with my followers. Anytime you teach your audience something that will benefit them, you are adding so much value to their lives. You can share your tips for success, hacks that will save them time, and any other education that will make life a little easier for them.And, remember that the people who are following you are there because they want to be inspired & entertained, too! Keep your posts concise & to the point, so they’re always entertaining—and share your own story to keep people feeling inspired.


First and foremost, Instagram is a social media site—emphasis on being soooocial! This means that you never want to post & ghost. You need to be engaging with all of the people who are following you. 
There are so many ways to talk to your audience, you just need to make time to engage! Spend 30 minutes a day in your DM’s answering everyone’s questions. Get in your comment section to reply to people and pin your favorite response. Annnnd, show your face in your Stories because it’s a great way to talk directly to your audience in a way that makes them feel like they’re really part of your community.


I know it can seem like there’s no way to stand out on Instagram—especially if your niche or content pillars are super saturated. But, friend, YOU are unique and there truly is only one YOU. Your perspective, your design style, and your vibe all matter to your audience and that is what is going to set you apart.  Your followers are there because of YOU. They want to feel like they really know you and that they are genuinely a part of your community. So, make sure they feel like they can talk to you and be supported by you on Instagram.
These are 5 things I always consider when I am creating Instagram content and I hope that they will help you reach the right people with your IG posts—who are going to become future buyers and stick around as a loyal community member for years to come. If you want more Instagram strategy & tips to grow your business using Instagram, make sure you are following me on Instagram @soulfoxsocial
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