April 20, 2022

5 Ways To Repurpose Instagram Content

I want to talk to you about repurposing your Instagram content & I’m so excited to share some tips with you that have been essential in my business.

I know how much time it can take to create truly valuable content—that serves the people in your niche, adds value for all of your followers & gets you results in your business, too. 

But, the good news is, if you’re putting in the work to create Instagram content that is connecting with your audience & is helping you grow your business, it’s super easy to take those posts & turn them into tons of other marketing material, as well.

Let me tell you how! 


When you are posting on Instagram, one of the best ways to boost your engagement is to share your posts to your Stories. This lets your followers know they should go check them out. But, that’s not the only way you can use your Stories to repurpose your Instagram content. 

You can also turn Carousels or Reels into a Story series. For Carousels, take each slide & turn it into its own Story. This will get people tapping through to see all of your content, tips, or how-to’s. 

This also works for Reels—especially if you posted something inspirational or educational. Remake your Reel by breaking up the tips you shared into Story slides or by showcasing the inspirational transformation you filmed for your Reel. 

Repurposing your Instagram content to use in your Stories is such an easy & quick way to come up with content that is fresh & new for your audience without putting in extra time & effort to create Stories from scratch.


Are you using Pinterest for your business?

If you’re not, now’s the time to start! Even if you are focused on growing your business using Instagram, Pinterest can be an incredible tool to help you reach new people & broaden your reach. 

How do you use Pinterest to get more people to visit your Instagram account?

By repurposing your Instagram content for your Pinterest page—and it’s easy to do.

Simply resize your graphics using whatever software you prefer (I love Canva) & post them to Pinterest. Or, pin content straight from your Instagram account & save it to one of your boards. 

It will save you a ton of time if you remake content that you already created for your Instagram audience verse trying to make unique content on both of these apps. Plus, you’re pinning info that you KNOW will perform well, because it’s already adding value for your audience on Instagram! 


If you have a website and a blog, you need to be doing this if you want to save yourself lots of time when creating content for your business.

You don’t have to spend forever figuring out what to write for blog posts if you are already consistently creating IG content. 


Because you can turn any Instagram post into a blog post. All you have to do is add in some supporting details to flush out your post & you’ve turned your IG Story, Carousel, or Reel into something that can live on your blog.

Take a look at your IG feed, choose a post that performed really well with your audience & remake it for your blog. You can add in more examples if you’re sharing how-to’s, expand on some of the tips you are talking about, or share a bit of a personal story.


The best thing about repurposing your Instagram content (aside from the amount of time it’ll save you) is that it allows you to see exactly what your audience wants. 

Your followers will like, share, comment & interact with the posts that are the most valuable to them. Annnnd, they won’t interact with the posts that aren’t all that interesting to them. 

Knowing what your audience wants is essential if you are trying to create a Lead Magnet you can use to build an email list or get people to opt-in to your community. Lead Magnets need to be super valuable in order to get people to exchange their info for a free download. 

One of the best ways to create a high-value Lead Magnet is to remake a high-performing piece of IG content into a PDF, freebie, or another resource. It takes all the guesswork out of creating a Lead Magnet & building your community of followers on & off of Instagram.


I know how stressful it can feel to have to come up with content for a newsletter, especially if your goal is to send something to your email list weekly, or even monthly. 

But, you don’t need to come up with anything NEW…you can take some of your IG content & use it for a newsletter. Do this in the same way you’d repurpose something for a blog or a Lead Magnet & you’ll never have to worry about what you’re going to write in your newsletter again.

It doesn’t need to take you tons of time to expand your marketing efforts beyond Instagram if you make the most of the content you already created. Repurposing your IG Reels, Carousels & Stories is an incredible way to reach even more people & grow your business. This is especially true if you want to build an email list & nurture your subscribers with consistent email content. Be sure to check back next week for even more tips & tricks to support you in your small business!


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