October 13, 2021

20 Reels ideas to help you with your next Instagram post

Hey friend, are you having a hard time coming up with content ideas? I know how tough it can be to consistently come up with Reels ideas that are valuable for your audience, take advantage of trends, and that are easy to film & edit. 

To help make creating Reels a little easier for you, I’m sharing 20 Reels ideas with you today! Read through to get some serious inspiration & to help you plan your Reels content for this month. 

#1 Show A Before & After

Transformations are so inspirational for your audience! They’re also a great way to show your product or service in action and the results that someone can expect when they buy from you. In your next Reel show a before & after to really let your audience see what’s possible when they buy your product or service. 

#2 Remake A Trending Song For Your Audience

Take advantage of trends by using popular audio for your next Reel. Remake a dance trend or song for your audience. It’s a great way to reach new people & to offer your perspective on an already trending topic.

#3 A Hack Your Audience Will Love

Share your knowledge with your audience. You are an expert in your niche & your people want to learn from you! In your next Reel, share a hack that will make things easier for your audience.

#4 Teach Something You Just Learned

When you’re an entrepreneur, you are constantly learning from your business & from others! Get creative in your next Reel by sharing something you learned—whether that’s a time-saving hack, a new way to do something, or another relevant lesson you can teach to your people.

#5 A Life Hack You Didn’t Know You Needed

In your next Reel, share something you were surprised to find out you needed! Teaching your audience something new helps them recognize you as a leader in your niche. Plus, when it is something unexpected you’re teaching them, it also helps build a deeper connection with your people.

#6 Answer A Fan In Your Dm’s

Spend some time in your DM’s to find inspiration for your next Reel! Chances are when one person has a question & sends it to you in your DM’s, other people are wondering the same thing, too! Answer a question from one of your followers in your next Reel!

#7  Share A Controversial Opinion

Remember, your followers want to hear what YOU have to say & they are interested in your opinions. So share them! Use your next Reel to share an opinion you feel strongly about or a perspective that is unique.

#8 Do’s And Don’ts Your Audience Will Understand

Share what works & what doesn’t with your audience. Focus on Do’s and Don’ts that relate to your niche, that will serve your audience, or that relate to your product or service.

#9 How You Got_____result

Share your journey with your audience in your next Reel. Tell them exactly how you got the result they can aspire to achieve, too & give them a glimpse into your process. It’s so inspirational and a great way to help your followers feel connected to you.

#10 What I Wish I Knew Before…

Get creative & think of something that has been instrumental in getting you where you are NOW that you wish you knew about sooner. For this Reel, you can share a helpful hack or another thing that would have been so beneficial if you had discovered it sooner! 

#11 Share How You Have Learned From Mistakes

Let your followers learn from your mistakes & your experience by sharing something you recently learned from a situation that did not go as expected. It’s valuable information that will serve your audience and a great way to let people know you are a leader & expert in your niche. 

#12 Share Your Favorite Self-Care Practices

Self-care is essential if you want to have a healthy work-life balance & it makes for an excellent Reel! Showcase your morning routine, your favorite weekend self-care essentials, or your daily ‘me-time’ rituals for your audience. 

#13 Share Your Favorite _____

Let your audience get to know you better by sharing your favorites in your next Reel. Choose one favorite to feature, or make your Reel a list of some of your ‘must-have’ things. This will help your audience feel like they know you! 

#14 Share A Question For Your Audience To Answer

Make your next Reel super interactive by asking your audience a question. This is a great way to get their opinion on something or to find out what questions they have about your business or your niche. 

#15 Share Why You Started Your Business

Let your people know why you show up to serve them on Instagram every day & why you started your business. Use your next Reel to talk about what exactly made you decide to become an entrepreneur. 

#16 Share How To Make Something

Use your next Reel to showcase a ‘how-to’ that will teach your audience how to do something. Show how you make Reels, how you create graphics, or another part of your creative process that would be helpful to your audience.

#17 Share A Helpful Tip 

Help your audience in your next Reel by sharing a tip you’ve learned that might make life a little easier for your people. Your tips & tricks can be relevant to your business or your niche & could include a list of Reels ideas of your own!

#18 Share Your Biggest Motivator

Let your audience know what motivates you to show up and consistently post helpful information for them on Instagram. This is a great way to help people feel connected to you and your business.

#19 Show A Behind-The-Scenes

Film what goes on behind the scenes at your business. Your audience will be interested in learning more about you & your business, so use your next Reel as a way to give a peek at your process.

#20 Share Testimonials From Your Clients Or Customers 

Let your clients do the talking! Show testimonials from your past students, previous clients, or current customers in your Reel. This is a great way to gain credibility!

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xx, Sarah


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