September 8, 2021

The Anatomy Of The Perfect Reel

I’m feeling blessed to have such an amazing community here & I am so happy to have you as a subscriber.

If you’ve been a follower for a while, then you know I am all about Instagram Reels & using them to grow your following, reach more people, & help support your business. But, if you’re new here, I wanted to introduce myself & welcome you by sharing some Reels tips with you!

I’m Sarah Fox, an Instagram marketing expert & viral Reels creator. I have spent countless hours learning, researching & creating social media content so that I can share my tips, tricks & strategies for success with YOU! I teach female business owners how to use Reels to get the results they want — on their Instagram accounts & in their businesses. 

Reels are the #1 way to grow on Instagram right now, so it’s more important than ever to create this type of content if you want to start seeing results. According to Instagram themselves, the app is no longer about photos — it’s all about video & they’re prioritizing Reels.

To help YOU prioritize Reels, I am sharing with you today 7 things every Reel needs! This is a checklist you can use to help you create Reels that will serve your audience, help you build genuine connections with your followers & reach even more people. 

#1 Clear Captioning

Get your message across with clear captioning. It’s important because it lets your audience know why they need to stop scrolling & watch your Reel. Plus, most people watch Reels with NO sound, so you want to still capture their attention, even if they have you on mute! 

#2 A Trending Song

Take advantage of already popular trends by using them in your Reels. Music is a great way to draw your audience in & get them excited about your content. Look for songs & audio that other creators are using so you can capitalize on those trends, too! 

#3 Showcase Your Personality

Your audience follows you, so show off that personality! Bring your unique perspective to every Reel you create to connect with your followers. It will help you get amazing engagement & works to get your audience excited about you & your business so you can sell to them without really ‘selling.’

#4 Quick Transitions

Keep things moving in your IG Reels! Short, exciting transitions are far more likely to perform well because your viewers want content that’s easy to digest. Use trending transitions and popular editing styles too! This is a great way to get peoples’ attention.      

#5 An Attention-Grabbing Statement

Hook new viewers with an eye-catching, scroll-stopping statement. You only get one chance to grab your audience’s attention, so make the most of it! Your ‘hook’ doesn’t need to be long, but it should absolutely be bold!

#6 Short & To The Point

The average watch time is just 7 seconds, so you don’t have long to entertain your audience. Keep things concise! There’s no need to ramble in your Reels when you want to take advantage of those few precious seconds you have to capture your audience’s full attention.

#7 Bright Lightning

Your IG Reels should look inviting! Do that by using bright & beautiful lighting —the more natural, the better! Stand next to a big window in your home or film your Reel outside. Get creative about how to find and use the best lighting when you’re filming! 

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xx, Sarah


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