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I’m giving you an entire system for growth so you can master Instagram’s #1 type of content—Reels. The complete step-by-step training teaches you:

DISCOVER THE #1 type of content you need to be creating to instantly unlock 28x the reach

Let me tell you about one of my students…Hannah

She had about 300 followers on Instagram & was in the same boat that so many of you are in right now...

→ Focused on having the perfect, aesthetic feed

→ Prioritizing pretty photos over uploading any video

→ She was growing…but at a super slow pace

→ And she was getting frustrated because she wanted more for her IG

→ Went from 300 followers to 7,000 followers in less than 3 weeks

→ Went from feeling super frustrated & stuck to seeing massive growth

→ Went from wishing she could use IG to get sales to seeing her business explode

Her results?

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But…once she started consistently posting Reels using the "Viral Reel Formula" you'll learn in this Lab she…

Reels are the quickest & easiest way to see massive growth on Instagram, FAST

Struggling to get new followers, like hannah was?

but...you have to be following a strategy if you want the BEST results

→ Totally lost & confused about which kinds of posts you should be creating

→ Obsessed with keeping your feed perfect & focused on posting pretty pics & showing your face

→ Creating content one post at a time and spending forever on Instagram every day

→ Getting only a handful of comments and a few likes whenever you upload

→ Struggling to stay consistent because it takes so long to make content & you’re discouraged when you don’t get great results

→ Having a hard time reaching the right people—who are actually interested in your business

→ You’re seeing growth but it’s soooooo slow & it’s not translating into any sales in your business

→ Wondering why the Reels you’re creating aren’t getting views & you’re seeing other people get incredible engagement

You’re probably feeling something like this…

If you can absolutely relate, don’t worry—you’re not alone! Instagram is constantly changing & it's tough to figure out the best way to use it for the most growth...

I got you! 

The good news?

→ I'm here to hand you the strategy that will completely transform the way you approach Instagram & empower you to see the growth you've always wanted

→ I have spent the last 2 years mastering Reels, hacking the algorithm & learning everything there is to know about Instagram so I can teach it to YOU!

→ This blueprint has helped my students 10x their reach, get 1,000's of new followers, & millions of views

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Finally have a strategy for your Instagram—one that you know gets results

Have the growth hacks you need to actually see success on the app

Get incredible engagement & tons of views every time you post

What if I handed you a system that allows you to:

A step-by-step blueprint for creating Reels that will reach the right people

Consistently get new followers that actually want to buy from you

Never worry about the IG algorithm again!

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You have to see what this method did for Aly...

She had about 100 followers on Instagram & was not really reaching new people...

→ Focused on posting single photo posts

→ Struggling to use Instagram for her business

→ She not getting nearly as many leads as she wanted to be

→ And she was feeling lost without a strategy to show her what to do

→ Went from 100 followers to 1,000 followers—and they're people in her niche

→ Got 2 million views on a Reel & 170,000 likes from people who are actually interested in her

→ Went from feeling confused about how to use IG to get sales to confident & generating tons of leads

Her results?

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But…once she started following the "Viral Reel Formula" you'll learn in this Lab she…

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Lesson 1: how to prep for new followers


In this lesson, we’re starting with a super important topic — focus! We’re discussing how to prepare your Instagram for new followers.

lesson 2: THE viral reel formula


In this lesson, I’m sharing my step-by-step guide to creating viral Reels. It’s so simple to consistently create Reels when you have a clear strategy, which is why I’m sharing my tips with you today!

lesson 3: Maximizing Engagement on Every Reel


In this lesson, we’re talking all about engagement & I’m sharing my secrets to success with you.

10 reels tutorials & audios

Video Content is King & we want to do everything we can to save you time when creating Reels. Imagine how much easier it would be to have someone tell you exactly how to re-create a popular trend for your audience & how to bring a Reel to life without spending forever editing. That's exactly what we're giving you in this free bonus!

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This could be you...

Hear from other small business owners who are already seeing incredible success by using the “Viral Reel Formula” you'll be learning in this workshop.