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Real Growth

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WHAT IS INSIDE THE mini course

aly got over 2 million views!

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IG Reels 101

We start by addressing the difference between IG Reel's & other IG content-- & why it matters! If you aren't using Reels already, you are missing out on a huge growth opportunity. Explore how truly impactful implementing Reels can be for your IG growth. Fully understand why they work, why you need to use them & why they are here to stay! 

Module one

soul fox living

Real growth with ig reels

Content Framework

Maximize the impact of your IG Reels by showing up with the right content that brings the most value to your audience! We'll unpack 3 types of content that will increase engagement, build trust, deliver value & leave your audience feeling connected to you. 

module two

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Viral Framework

Ever wonder what the secret ingredients are to creating a viral Reel?! I'll reveal the essential elements to creating Reels that get real results! From grabbing your audience's attention to organically inviting them to engage with you I will walk you through the blueprint to a perfect Reel! You will feel confident showing up with a clear strategy!

Module three

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How to Create
& Edit Reels

Discover step-by- step instructions for how to create your first Reel from inspiration to post! You will find the best ways to spark inspiration, a strategy for showing up constantly, how to pair the perfect song & the best ways to edit your Reels simply & effortlessly. 

Module Four

soul fox living

Real growth with ig reels

Best Practices

Once you know how to create a dynamic & effective Reel, you need a strategy for posting valuable content consistently. I unpack 10 of the best practices you need to have as part of your Reels strategy & some of the mistakes you definitely want to avoid. 

module Five

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Transitions & Effects

Want your Reels to stand out and look professional? I'll show you how to take your Reels to the next level with advanced transitions and dynamic effects. Let me walk you through exactly how to make an attention grabbing Reel!

Module six

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Bonus Niche Training

The foundation to content creation & showing up on Instagram in 2021 is finding your niche marketing & content pillars. This training is going to give you the clarity you have been seeking with creating not only reels, but any content on instagram 

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30 Day Reels Challenge

In addition to the Mini Course You will also get plugged into a 4 week FB group where I will be going live once a week & inviting you on a 30 Day Reels Challenge where I give you ideas & tools on how to create 15 Reels over 30 Days! 

BONUS Facebook Group ($97 value)

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"Real Growth with Reels" gives you everything you need to grow on Instagram right now with Reels

the moment you join you get instant access to all of the strategies that have allowed me to get over 3 million views & are helping my students double & triple their instagram followers.
This course will be continually be updated with changes to the algorithm & best practices

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enroll today

This      for you if:

You don't know where to start when it comes to Reels

you are hoping this will solve all of your business problems

You need a clear strategy to implementing Reels 

You don't like learning new things or taking the time to apply what you know

You're unclear on what content is most valuable & how to constantly get fresh ideas

It's probably        for you if...

You're not willing to put in the work







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 you get

Let's Talk Bonuses

30 viral content ideas that are ready & done for you! ($47 Value)

A module walking you through viral transitions & how
you can create them with Ease ($47 value)

a bonus niche training ($97 Value)

a mini canva training that show you how to design your own reel covers & templates Plus10 free templates ($47 Value)

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Since Reels came out in August of 2020 I knew that these would be the wave of the future with all the Momentum of Tik Tok & my gut was right. 

I immediately started implementing strategy & teaching the students in my social media mentorship the same. As a result I have been able to get results for 1,000's of small business owners helping them grow & get more sales through the power of Reels. 

I give you everything you need to see REAL Growth with IG Reels 

I'm Sarah Fox 

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